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Do you know about the hunger game series? You should perhaps look for before understanding what Hunger Games Simulator APK is all about hunger games is an exclusively exciting series. The storyline is taken from Suzanne Collins as a base series of books. Everyone has to pay the price for their existence; the series proceeds with survival struggles by the group of people as a team and individually as well. Hunger games simulator custom events provide a similar experience.  

Hunger games simulator danganronpa is a game that consists the features similar to the original hunger game series. The needed survival extinct in to fight without food, no roof over their heads to seek protection from the killing weather, the struggle under such situations. The series also includes some harsh scenes that could be terrifying for the kids under 13. 

Free Hunger games simulator APK restricts its usage based on who is playing. It provides an option to select if you are below 13 or above. The children with below 13 age groups can also play the game but only under parental guidance.

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Hunger games simulator is an adventurous experience; with hunger games simulator custom events, you have the full control of characters. You can select your favorite characters. Each character comes with some traits and odds, if they are in your favor, your chances of winning the game increase with a high percentage.  

How to use hunger games simulator


The main simulation aim is to provide entertainment. Not only you but for the people around you as well (family, friends, relatives). The random results of the game are also desirable; every time you play, you never know what is ahead and who will emerge victoriously.

The first step, to begin with, is to set up your 12 characters (tributes).  This a part of

How to use Hunger games simulator custom events process? You can select your tributes by the provided links on their images or go for the default ones.  

After you have made your selections, you can now begin with your reaping and bloodbaths if the luck is on your side. As you play further, there will be many unpleasant experiences your characters will encounter; those difficulties include, life threats and cold nights outside being the top ones. You can make efforts by making it through challenges and the extinct to survive, but there is no guarantee you will win and become a hero. Do not lose your heart from seeing the beheading, shooting, and eaten by hungry beasts from the bush.  

  • Bloodbath

This is the very first event of the simulator, where warriors compete for weapons, water, first aid kits, food, and several other valuable things vital for survival in harsh conditions of the arena while cowards run and flee to safe places.


  • The Feast


This is the event where cornucopia if filled with food and all of the other supplies, including weapons. The families of the participants provide these supplies. Any coward tribute can ignore this event, but the brave ones try to get their hands on the supplies, some die trying.  


  • Arena Events.


The runners of the game plugin these events, they try to make the conditions even more severe by putting tsunami in the arena or to make the tributes to hide by pouring down the acidic rain. 


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The hunger games simulator is third in line with the first one was non-game show-related, released on 25th December in 2014. Due to its reality-show format and movie-like format, it gained popularity immediately. Due to its composition, people called it a death simulator. 

On 1st March, 2017, it was published and update of the simulator where users can change the default text on the simulator if they are interested in a non-violent simulation of the Hunger Games. If they want to remove the Hunger Games terms and phrases that were previously attached to all simulations or think of their own creative theme. 

App details and Features 

Bnha Hunger game simulator has all its updates in the single app, and it was available for windows and PS. A new version with updated tactics and skills is Hunger games simulator danganronpa available for PS players. 

 If you want to have a less violent version or cartoon version, the Vore hunger games simulator serves that purpose. 

  • The arena is generated randomly 
  • Placements of tributes are also random
  • Gear is placed in a cornucopia  
  • Weapons and food can be forged or extracted from surroundings 
  • You can build alliances by sharing your resources 
  • Backstabbing 
  • Random gifts from sponsors 
  • Dedicated page for fallen tributes
  • Two pages with events, the status of every tribute is checked here. 


How to Install and download free hunger games simulator APK?


There is no need to download and install the hunger games simulator as it runs in your web browser; yes, it is an applet. It is customizable, but for maze generation, you have to use a program Daedalus. Daedalus is a tool that comes with a hunger games app; At the same time, Daedalus creates the maze suitable for the hunger games environment. The app is capable of defining the hunger games environment itself.

Establishes a context that identifies hunger games. Please put the name on any search engine. You will quickly find the download link, and it is free. 


  • Entertaining 
  • Provide strategy build extinct 
  • Enjoyable with gatherings 
  • Provide life to family lunches and dinners 
  • Parental guidance for under 13 children 
  • Improves critical thinking 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hunger game simulator?

It is a simulation game, based on the worldwide popular hunger game novel series and movies. It is entertaining and can be played with multiple people, including family and friends or relatives.  

How to create custom maze?

A program can create custom mazes can simply install it in your windows after download the hunger games simulator apk and start creating custom mazes.  

Where can I find more information about its utilization?

You can find many blogs, articles, and videos as well on Youtube about bts hunger games simulator.



A hunger game simulator codes is not just a simulation game. The books and movies back it up. The Hunger Games novel and movie fans can enjoy that fictional kick that they got when reading or watching hunger games. It also provides an opportunity for the whole family to sit together and enjoy this entraining and valuable simulation experience. 

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How to install Hunger Games Simulator Panem Run for Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hunger Games Simulator Panem Run for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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