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Pokemon Ruby is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak. It was published by The Pokemon Company and originally launched for Game Boy Advance GBA. There are other instalments of the Pokemon video game series too, but Pokemon Ruby Rom is the first instalment of these game series. The game was launched first in Japan back in 2002. The Pokemon Company is a Japanese company and we have all seen animations of Pokemon in our childhood. Pokemon Ruby Rom is the same and gives you the same experience just like Ash and Pikachu had throughout the whole animation.

The gameplay is the same as the previous games. While most games nowadays are third-person perspective or first-person perspective, Pokemon Ruby Rom has an overhead perspective throughout the game. You can control the main character of the game from an overhead perspective and play along with the game.

Unlike the games present today which have high-end graphics, games in the past didn’t have realistic graphics and realistic gameplay so the game companies came up with the overhead perspective. Some famous games in the past like GTA I and GTA II also have an overhead perspective. Technology and hardware have evolved so much over the past few years but games like Pokemon Ruby Rom and Pokemon Sapphire gave nostalgia and are always fun to play.

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The game has all the features as of the previous games, the main objectives being, capture all the Pokemon and defeat the Elite Four. This is the main plot of Pokemon Ruby. The game also has a subplot to give the players a thrilling experience so that the players can enjoy the game without having the pressure of completing the objects. The subplot consists of defeating a criminal organization that is attempting on taking over the region. These are some of the few features available on all the Pokemon games.

But what makes Pokemon Ruby Rom different is that it has some new features also. The game features double battles, Pokemon abilities, and 135 new Pokemon. Double battles are fun because you can easily defeat your opponents and play with not one but two Pokemons at a single time. Previous games had the feature of online gaming where two players can connect their Gameboys and play accordingly. With many increased capabilities in the game, a new feature was added i.e. you can connect to up to four players at a single time. You can play with your squad at the same time and y enjoy the fun OG game.



Gameplay consists of a Gameboy, with an overhead perspective and consists of three screens. One is a field map; where you can navigate the main character. A battle screen; and a menu in which the player can see and configure his party, items, and gameplay settings as well. The game usually begins with the players having only one Pokemon, but you can always capture more by using Poke Balls.

Pokemon can be used in battle with others. During a battle, you can use a move, use an item, switch your active Pokemon if you have more than one, and also flee. While battling with the trainers, fleeing is not an option because battling with trainers is essential as, after the battle, the trainer gives some tips which you can use in the main battles and during the gameplay.

Apart from battling other Pokemon, capturing them is also an essential part of the gameplay. You can add a maximum of six Pokemon in your party and if you can manage to capture more, they are stores and can be switched with the active party Pokemon. Catching Pokemon is fun because it gives a very unique and thrilling experience the same as in the animation. There are hit points HP of each Pokemon. Poke Balls also need to be stronger to capture wild Pokemon. The stronger the Poke Balls and lower the Pokemon’s HP, the easier it is to catch the Pokemon.

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There are also double battles where you can play with not one but two Pokemons at the same time. While using two Pokemons, you can affect multiple combatants with certain moves. This also gives a fun and twisting experience to the old Pokemon games. You can train yourself for double battles while battling with the trainers. Although there is an option to flee other battles, you cannot flee a battle with a trainer. The main reason is that battling with trainers increases your ability and you learn how to battle well in a real battle. You cannot capture the trainer’s Pokemon too because they are only for training purposes.

There is another distinctive feature included in the Pokemon Ruby Rom by The Pokemon Company. It is the first game in the series which includes weather conditions. Harsh sunlight, rain, hail, and sandstorms affect the battles in unique ways. The fire Pokemon cannot perform well in rain. Similarly, water Pokemons become weak in harsh sunlight.

Pokemon Ruby Rom does not have the feature that keeps track of real-life time. Due to this reason, there is not any difference between day and night. Another drawback is that this game is featured on Gameboy Advance while predecessors are on Gameboy link so players cannot link with the previous Pokemon Roms, but all the players from Pokemon Ruby Rom and Pokemon Sapphire Rom can battle and trade with each other using Game Boy Advance link cable.


The storyline of Pokemon Ruby Rom starts with you as the main character who has just moved to a small town called Littleroot Town. At the beginning of the game, you have to protect Professor Birch from a Poochyena. You can choose one of three Pokemons from Torchinc, Mudkip, or Treecko to protect the Professor. After defending the professor, he takes you to his lab where you receive your chosen Pokemon as a starter Pokemon. After that you encounter your character’s rival who is the Professor’s child.

He is also a Pokemon Trainer and you have to battle with him a few times in the games. The main objectives of the game are challenging the Elite Four and completing the Pokedex. You can challenge the Elite Four by defeating the eight gym leaders and become Champion after defeating them. The other challenge of completing the Pokedex is done by capturing, evolving, and trading all the 202 Pokemon available in the game. After the completion of both the objectives along with the side conquests, the game’s 100% progress is completed.

Supported gameplays


Pokemon Ruby is available on Gameboy Advance and Nintendo. This OG game has both the features of a single-player and multiplayer that can be done through Gameboy Advance link cables. Gameboys and Nintendo have gone out of use nowadays. The main reason is that gaming hardware and technology have undergone a lot of progression over the past few years.

PC games have much evolved and mobile games have high-end graphics too, it is always fun to play old games to bring back nostalgia. A question arises, how to play OG Nintendo and Gameboy games on a mobile phone? The answer is quite simple, use an emulator that works on an android device. You can easily find both the Pokemon Ruby emulator and Pokemon Ruby emulator online on our website.

Emulators work in a way that they change the internal game layout and enable the device to start and play any game originally released on any console type. Just like a lot of people can play PSP games on their mobile phone, you can also play Pokemon Ruby Rom on your mobile by downloading the related Pokemon ROMs you like in your android device. There are a lot of Pokemon ROMs available online and to play those, you have to download the emulator first that supports the game to work on any android device.

When you are able to start the game on your mobile device, you can see the layout and controls of the game which are the same as that of Gameboy Advance. On the left side of the screen, there are movement controls and on the right side, there are action controls.

Download Instructions


The instructions to download the Pokemon Ruby emulator are pretty simple. Just head to the download link on our website which will redirect to your download link and an apk file will be downloaded on your device. After that install the apk file and start the game through Pokemon Emerald rom icon.

There are a lot of discussion groups available online for Pokemon Ruby Rom Reddit. You can also start a new discussion and see other discussions related to Pokemon ROMs including Pokemon ruby emulator online and Pokemon Emerald Rom etc. Furthermore, you can also download Pokemon Ruby Rom emuparadise which directly downloads and install the apk on your android device.

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Can I download Pokemon Ruby Rom and other Pokemon roms on my desktop computer?

Yes, you can download and play any Pokemon rom on your pc like Pokemon Ruby Rom or Pokemon Emerald, etc. Pokemon Ruby download pc is available too that works the same way as the emulator on android works. Simply download and install the pc emulator from our website and go back to the old days by playing the OG Pokemon Ruby Rom on your desktop with your friends.

Is there any sort of cheats available?

There are a few cheats and hack available for all the Pokemon roms. If you want to use Pokemon Ruby rom cheats then you are in the right place. There are a lot of Pokemon ruby rom cheats like unlimited master ball cheat, infinite money cheat, no random battles cheat, and many more. The cheats are easy to use. Simply download and install Pokemon Ruby Rom Hack apk on your android device or pc to play with some insane cheats provided in the game. Pokemon ruby rom hack includes many cheats all in one place so you don’t have to download the cheats separately.

What are the minimum specifications of Pokemon Ruby Rom?

Pokemon Ruby was released on Gameboy Advance in 2002 so every android device today marks the recommended specifications required for the game. You need to have a RAM of 1 GB or more. The file size of apk is only around 8 MBs so it does not much of your device’s space.

So what are you waiting for? Head to download link now and start playing Pokemon Ruby Rom and travel back to the good old days.

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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